I have been following The Generations series (charting the experience of Irish people through the decades) in the Irish Times. In October I was reading the interviews with different people in the their fifties and was wondering how the journalist decided on who to interview to represent their generation and I saw a notice saying if you want to be interviewed e-mail them. So I did and that’s how I ended up having my story printed in the paper this Saturday.

If you want to read it  the link to the article is http://www.irishtimes.com/life-and-style/people/siobh%C3%A1n-jutika-healy-48-my-mother-said-i-won-t-be-here-when-you-get-back-then-drove-off-to-new-zealand-1.2018859

Its been a powerful experience to tell my story and to have it heard widely, not just for me but for my family and friends. I’m not sure if it would have been possible to tell my story so openly and directly without spending so much time focusing in the last decade. In focusing I spend time  with my experience without over identifying with it or cutting off from it or at least noticing when either of those two tendencies is happening. It was important to me in the telling of my story (and it is only my angle on events, other family members have theirs!) that I didn’t underplay how painful aspects of my life have been and I didn’t just identify with the painful aspects.